eXtremeRate Textured Red Lofty Remappable Remap & Trigger Stop Kit, Redesigned Back Shell & Side Rails & Back Buttons & Trigger Lock for Xbox One S X Controller 1708 - X1RM004

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Prepared for e-Sport Tournaments:

  • The ExtremeRate LOFTY remap kit is an evolutionary DIY customized kit that adds advanced gaming functionality to your existing Xbox One S & One X controller.
  • With this remap kit, you can easily turn your existing Xbox One S & One X controller into a professional e-Sport gamepad with an additional 2 remappable remap buttons and trigger stop mechanism.
  • This remap kit solution gives you a competitive edge in online gaming and tournaments, and totally legal.
  • You can remap 14 buttons to the 2 additional buttons which will be pressed by your middle fingers.
  • It’s a huge advantage for you because you don’t need to move off the sticks and triggers to access other buttons like ABXY action buttons during a fast FPS or shooter games.
  • With hair trigger buttons, simply slide it to the short trip, you can fire faster and save valuable time with each trigger pull.
  • Matte white redesigned bottom shell and side rails look great. Great smooth grip, soft in hand and feels silky; Anti slip, sweat free for a long period game playing.


  • ONLY compatible with Xbox One S & One X controller 1708 model; Not compatible with Xbox One standard controller.
  • You need to remove the battery cover and battery from the bottom case to check the model number.
  • Controller is NOT included.
  • Racing game only works on long trip type.

Installation Tips:

  • Installation difficulty: high
  • Patience needed: high
  • Please read the instructions and view the installation video carefully before installation.
  • Get an installation video guide on YouTube by searching “ExtremeRate Xbox One LOFTY Remap Guide".
  • If you have any problems during the installation process, please feel free to send us a message.
  • The FPC board needs to be soldered and the FPC board should be fixed with double-sided tape before soldering.
  • When soldering, please be careful not to pull the Lotfy-FPC, the soldering time of each TP point is less than 1 second.
  • After soldering, it can be tested with the Lofty test board.
  • If all the LEDs on the tester board are not lit, please check the P2 and TP11 solder points whether soldering correctly.
  • If only some of the LEDs are not lit, please check the corresponding solder points whether soldering correctly.
  • eXtremeRate innovated 2 types of operation to enter buttons programming type: touch control and buttons combination. If you are worried about accidentally touching the touch sensor during the game, you can cut down the whole foil wire of touch control.
  • You can activate the remap program during the game and assign maximum 14 buttons (A, B, X, Y, L3, R3, LT, RT, LB, RB, Up, Down, Left and Right ) to the back buttons.

Package Included:

  • 1* Lofty Remap Part
  • 1* Lofty Tester Board
  • 1* Lofty FPC1 & FPC2
  • 1* Re-designed Back Shell with Battery Cover
  • 1* Left Right Side Rails
  • 2* Back Buttons
  • 2* Trigger Stop Buttons
  • 1* Prying Tool
  • 1* PH00 Screwdriver
  • 1* T8h Screwdriver
  • 1* T6 Screwdriver
  • 20* Screws
  • 1* Spare Parts Pack