PlayVital Forest Camouflage Nylon Dust Cover, Soft Neat Lining Dust Guard, Anti Scratch Waterproof Cover Sleeve for NS & Switch OLED Charging Dock - NTA8006

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Product Feature:
Specially designed for Nintendo Switch & Switch OLED Charging Dock.
Made of hand-washable and ironable material - Premium nylon.
Double-layer design provides better protection from daily use, such as water, dust, pet hairs, and scratch.
The precise back cutaway allows you to access the cable port easily.
Very Important: Please make sure to remove the cover when the console is powered on to avoid overheating.

Package Includes:
1 x Dust cover for Nintendo Switch & Switch OLED Charging Dock (the charging dock is not included)
Note: The console & other parts are not included.

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