PlayVital Passion Red Ergonomic Stick Caps Thumb Grips for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox One X/S, Switch Pro Controller - with 3 Height Convex and Concave - Diamond Grain & Crack Bomb Design - PJM2015

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  • PlayVital thumbsticks grips are created to provide an advantage in game playing, by rising thumbstick’s height to increase the range of motion as well as moving accuracy.
  • It includes 3 different heights and 2 pattern designs, both convex and concave shapes are available to be selected in its proper playing circumstances, that will take your gaming experience to next level!
Compatible Models:
  • Fits for PS5 controller.
  • Fits for all PS4 controller.
  • Fits for Xbox Series X/S controller.
  • Fits for Xbox One X/S controller.
  • Fits for Xbox One controller.
  • Fits for Nintendo Switch Pro controller.
  • NOT for Switch JoyCon & Switch Lite.
Installation Tips:
  • Please be careful when installing thumb grip caps.
  • Follow the 5th image to install the thumb grip caps.
  • 3 Different Heights:
  • High-Rise: adds 11.56mm height for faster reaction times.
  • Mid-Rise: adds 6.08mm height for maximum precision.
  • Low-Rise: adds 1.67mm height for comfort and control improved.
Ergonomic Design:
  • Convex Grip: enhance precision and improve accuracy when aiming.
  • Concave Grip: reduces hand and thumb fatigue to comfort & control.
  • Exclusive Design: 3D textured patterns on the top to center thumbs and boost grip.
  • Exclusive Diamond Grain & Crack Bomb design on the top of grips with textured surface to center thumbs while increase resistance to prevent fingers slipping in playing games.
Package Includes (10pcs in total):
  • 4 x High-Rise thumb stick grips
  • 4 x Mid-Rise thumb stick grips
  • 2 x Low-Rise thumb stick grips
Note: The controller and other parts are not included !

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