eXtremeRate Metal Gold Repair ThumbSticks Action Buttons Dpad for PS4 Pro Slim Controller -P4AJ0008GC

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Product Features:
1.All the bullet buttons, analog sticks and D-pad are made of high quality metal material.
2.Strong compatibility: Fit for PlayStation 4/ PS4 Slim/PS4 Pro Controllers
3.Replace your old, broken or wear out buttons thumbstick with these durable metal kits
4.Refresh your controller with a new look and make your controller look different from others.
5.Visit our shop to choose full range of PlayStation 4, Xbox one and NS Switch kits, controller shells, stickers, bullet buttons custom etc.
7.You need to take apart your controller to install these buttons.
8.Many professional installation guide video on YOUTUBE. Easy to get.

1 set Metal bullet buttons.
1 set X Metal thumbsticks
1 X Metal D-pad
(Note: The controller is not included.)