eXtremeRate Magnetic Metal Bullet Buttons Dpads Aluminium Thumbstick Joystick Adustable Height Replacement Parts for PS4 Controller all Models (31 in 1) - P4J1004

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Take your game to the special level today!
This is a very nice upgrade for the dual shock 4 controller!

Compatible with 4 controller all generations
Snug and fit perfectly for PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro controllers.

Product Description:
Required customers to take apart the PS4 controller to install the dpad base.
These D-pads have two different modes, you may use magnetic feature to change different mode as your demand.
Get the installation video guide by searching ???Extremerate PS4 Magnetic Button??¨¤ on Youtube.
These D-pads will make you get special PS4 controller for more speed and accuracy
Enjoy new feeling with different dpad mode. It makes you operate the game flexibly.

Package Includes:
4 X Convex thumbsticks
2 X Concave thumbsticks
2 X Metal Bottom-thumbsticks
4* Bullet Buttons (3mm)
4* Bullet Buttons (5mm)
4* Bullet Buttons (7mm)
4* Bullet Buttons (9mm)
4* Magnetic Base (Green)
1* Dpad Base(Green)
1* Disc Dpad
1* Standard Dpad
2 x Screwdrivers(1pcs T8 & 1pcs?Philips Screwdriver)
(The controller and other parts are not included)