eXtremeRate Green Metal Magnetic Thumbsticks With Screwdrivers For Xbox One Elite PS4 Slim - XOJ2020

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Xbox One custom controller without 3.5mm jack.
Xbox One custom controller with 3.5mm jack.
Xbox One Elite controller.
Xbox One S controller.
4 controller.
4 SILM controller.

Made of metal stainless steel with magnet , excellent grip.
They are 3 in 1 thumbstick sets, the normal thumbsticks, extended thumbsticks, and rounded (and also extended) thumbsticks. You can easily to replace them.
Concave in the middle and ridged outer rim help you keep your thumbs on the thumb sticks while playing games. Will not make your fingers sweat.
Kindly with the screwdrivers, T8 screwdriver is for Xbox one controller, cross screwdriver is for PS4 controller.
The groove and the grips on these make gaming on the controller much better.
Save money: If your wireless controller thumbsticks was broken use this product instead of buying new wireless controllers.

Package Includes:
2 X Convex metal free grips.
4 X Concave metal free grips.
2 X Metal Bottom-thumbsticks.
2 x Screwdrivers (1 pcs HT8,1 pcs cross screwdriver)
(The Xbox One Elite controller and other parts are not included)