eXtremeRate Scarlet Red Replacement Full Set Buttons for Steam Deck LCD - JESDP003

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Want to make your handheld console stand out from the crowd?
This is the way to go!
Great customization option for DIY enthusiasts with a handheld console for Steam Deck.

Read Before Purchase:
1. Specially designed full set buttons are only compatible with Steam Deck LCD (2022) handheld game console, not fit for Steam Deck OLED and other model handheld consoles (please note that the L4L5 R4R5 back buttons only compatible with eXtremeRate back shells, not fit for the official backplate and other model consoles).
2. This is full set buttons for Steam Deck without any electronic parts. The console, shell, thumbsticks and other parts are not included.
3. Requires customers to take apart the console to replace the original buttons with eXtremeRate accessories. Requires customers with high hands-on skills, no soldering is required. Get the installation video guide on YouTube by searching "eXtremeRate Full Set Buttons for Steam Deck" or "CeDIZTNJBSo".

Product Feature:
1. Ideal replacement for your broken or sticky buttons.
2. Totally upgrade your handheld console to the exclusive and stylish level.
3. Made of durable non-toxic ABS plastic, durable and practical.
4. Work exactly like the original buttons.
5. Personalize your handheld console, with a variety of colors to choose from.

Installation Tips:
1. Installation difficulty: High
2. Time spent: 1 hour or more
3. Patience needed: High
4. Go slow. Check every connection. Keep your screws and inner parts organized.
5. Watch a YouTube video on how to do it though, pausing and replaying often.
6. During reassembling the handheld console you must be conscious of how tight you are tightening the screws, and be careful not to strip the screws or over-tighten any screws.
7. There are multiple very delicate ribbon cables in the device that need to be removed and reattached.
8. Use tweezers instead of bulky fingers at all times to help with the little pieces that you'll take to move to the new case.
9. Be careful to use a heat gun or hair dryer to help you get the touchscreen off before installing the Power and Volume buttons.
10. Note that the temperature of the heat gun should not be much high. Use light hot wind to evenly heat the edges of the screen.
11. Please remember not to forcibly lift the screen and make sure the distance is no more than 3mm when using the prying tool to tear down the screen to avoid damage.

Package Includes:
1x A/B/X/Y buttons
1x D-pad
2x Trackpad
1x View/Menu buttons
1x Steam button
1x Power/Volume buttons
1x L1 L2/R1 R2 bumpers triggers buttons
1x L4 L5/R4 R5 assignable grip buttons (only fit for eXtremeRate backplate)
1x Screwdriver
1x Open shell tool
85x Screws
8x Springs

1. Without any electronic parts, the console, thumbsticks, shells and other parts are NOT included!
2. It is recommended to clean with a wipe with water. If alcohol is used, clean it with a wipe dampened with less than 70% alcohol and place it in a ventilated place to dry in time. Do not spray water or alcohol directly on the product surface. Do not use any other organic solvents for cleaning.