20 pcs Springs Replacement for L2 R2 Trigger Buttons PS4 Controller JDM-030 - PSHDK0001GC

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Fit Model:

Fit for PS4 JDM-030 Controller
Fit for PS4 Pro Slim Controller (JDM-040/CUH-ZCT2)
Don't fit for old PS4 JDM-001,JDM-011 and JDM-020 Controller

Product Feature:
the L2 or R2 button/trigger on your controller not spring back?
Do you have unintentional L2 or R2 button presses/action?
If you answered¡°Yes¡± to either question, then you probably need a new spring.
This generic replacement spring is of high quality and performs like the stock spring.
Professional-style textured surface
Fits flush for PS4 controller. We will test every single one before we ship.
Package includes: 20 Pcs Springs(10 Pairs)