eXtremeRate Glitter Gradient Translucent Bluebell DIY Replacement Shell for Nintendo Switch Lite, NSL Handheld Controller Housing with Screen Protector, Custom Case Cover for Nintendo Switch Lite - DLP320

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Want to make your Switch Lite stand out from the crowd?
This is the way to go!
Great customization option for DIY enthusiasts with a Switch Lite.

Read Before Purchase:
1. Please don't wrongly think they are Switch Lite. Actually, they are full housing shells with colorful buttons screen protector for Nintendo Switch Lite without any electronic parts. The handheld game console and other parts are not included.
2. This replacement case is only compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite, not applicable for Nintendo Switch.
3. Requires customers to take apart the Switch Lite to replace the shells and buttons. Requires customers with high electronic installation experience. Get an installation video guide on YouTube by searching "eXtremeRate replacement shell installation for Nintendo Switch Lite" or "JHaA0JL6kRs".
4. Kindly note that the installation of this shell will void the warranty of your Switch Lite.

Product Feature:
1. Totally upgrade your Switch Lite to the exclusive and stylish level.
2. Made of premium ABS material, durable and practical.
3. Anti slip, sweat free for a long period game playing, more comfortable and feels better in hands than the stock shell.
4. Come with extra Switch Lite tempered glass screen protectors and cleaning kit.

Installation Tips:
1. Installation difficulty: High
2. Time spent: 4 hours or more
3. Patience needed: High
4. Go slow. Check every connection. Keep your screws organized.
5. Watch a Youtube video on how to do it though, pausing and replaying often.
6. When removing the Switch Lite outer screws make sure you are using the correct screwdriver. Be careful not to strip the triangle screws or over tighten any screws.
7. Use tweezers instead of bulky fingers at all time to help with the little pieces that you'll take to move to the new case.
8. Please confirm all the needed screws are removed and circuit is cut off, then pick up the PCB board.
9. Be careful to use heat gun or hair dryer to help you get the touchscreen off the old shell.
10. Note that the temperature of the heat gun should not be much high. Use light hot-wind to evenly heat the edges of the screen.
11. Please remember not to forcibly lift the screen to avoid damaging the touchscreen.

Package Includes:
1x Back plate for Nintendo Switch Lite with middle tray
1x Face plate for Nintendo Switch Lite
1x Tempered glass screen protector
1x A/B/X/Y butons
1x R button
1x L button
1x ZR button
1x ZL button
1x D-pad
1x +/-/home/shooting buttons
1x Volume up/down buttons
1x Power button
1x Game card tray
1x SD card tray
1x Screen protector accessories
1x Speaker dustproof net
1x YH00 screwdriver
1x Cross screwdriver
53x Screws
4x Springs

1. The Switch Lite and other parts are not included!
2. It is recommended to clean with a wipe with water. If alcohol is used, clean it with a wipe dampened with less than 70% alcohol and place it in a ventilated place to dry in time. Do not spray water or alcohol directly on the product surface. Do not use any other organic solvents for cleaning.