Vertical Stand Bracket Disk Storage Tower Controller Charger For PS4/Slim/Pro - GC00178

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- Built-in two high-speed fans to speed up the internal air circulation to cooling the PS4 Slim/pro PS4 Consol
- With 12 disck slots to host the CDS you like
- 2 USB Ports to supply Power
- This product Could charger 2 controllers in the same time
- This product with non-slip EVA paste on both sides to prevent the PS4 host draw and slip.
- Material: ABS
- Compatible With: PS4 Console, PS4 Slim Console, PS4 Pro Console
- Power supply: USB 5V (directly through the attached USB cable connected with the host)
- Current: current up to 800mA when charger one controller,up to 400mA when charger 2 controllers( the fans didn't turn on)
- Maximum fan speed: 5000 ¡À 10% PRM
- Maximum air flow: 12.6 CFM
- Charging time: 2.5-3 hours (two handles charging at the same time)
- Game Disk Slot: 12
Package Include:
1 x Fan Cooling Stand Bracket
1 x USB Cable
?Note: Console, Controller and Game Disk CD are Not Included