Rubber Joystick Grips Caps w/ Screwdriver Screws Set for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con-NSPJ0122+NSAR0020GC

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Silicone Joystick Grips Caps:

¡ö Brand new
¡ö Color: Black
¡ö Material: Silicone
¡ö Compatible with: For Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller
¡ö Easy installation with no custom needed
¡ö High quality professional style textured surface
¡ö Never worry about sweaty thumbs again
¡ö The silicone cap enhance thumb stick control and protect your joy-con controller from wear and tear

¡ö Improve your gameplay and protect your analogue thumb sticks from wear and tear with these silicone thumb cap for Nintendo Switch
Repair Tools Screwdrivers & Screws & Springs & Tweezers Set:
- Brand New, High Quality
- Full set repair tools kit for Nintendo Switch Joy-con Controller
- Professional skill is needed
- Don't need to pay for expensive repairing fee by repair yourself
- The Tools include: Screwdrivers, Screws, Tweezers, Spring
- Material: 45# Stainless Steel
- Screwdriver Tip Size: 2.0-3.0mm
- Compatable For: 2-3mm diameter screws
- Size "Y" Tri-Wing Screwdriver : 1.5*100mm; "+" Cross Screwdriver: 1.5*80mm
- Color: Black
- Type: Cross Screwdriver, Tri-wing Screwdriver
- Model: ESD-11 Black Tweezers
- Black
- Material: Steel
- Static-free
- Length: aprox. 13.8cm / 5.43 inch
- Compatible for: Precision electronic component
- For Nintendo Switch Joy-Con
- Model: 1) The long round head black screw
? ? ? ? ? ? ? 2) The longest silver screw
? ? ? ? ? ? ? 3) The longer silver screw
- For Nintendo Switch Joy-Con
- Model: Silver spring
Package Included:
8pcs x Silicone Thumb Grip Caps for Nintendo Switch
10pcs x The Long Round Head Black Screws
18pcs x The Longest Silver Screws
15pcs x The Longer Silver Screws
8pcs x Silver Springs
1pc x 1.5*100 Tri-wing Screwdriver
1pc x 1.5*80 Cross Screwdriver
1pc x ESD-11 Tweezers

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