Replacement The 25Th Anniversary Battery Cover Plates For Nintendo 3DS - G3DS0036B

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- Back bottom replacement plastic battery cover plates for Nintendo 3DS.
- Fits the 3DS (regular size model) console body like the original covers.
- Ideal for replacing scratched, broken or lost cover plates.
- Simply slots and screws into place.
- Has game card and headphone logo embossed into plastic like the originals.

Style: The 25th anniversary of the legend of Zelda

- Refurbish your scratched or damaged New 3DS with this set of top and bottm cover plates.
- Replacing the covers is as easy as clipping on and or screwing the cover to the outside of the console, no technical disassembly is required.

Packaged include:
1x battery Bottom Back faceplate for Nintendo 3DS