Replacement Barrel Hinge Shaft Axis Pin Steel Ring For Nintendo NDSiXL/LL - GNDSI0029

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- Replacement Nintendo NDSiXL/LL hinge set
- Includes the main hinge and metal axis ring
- Fixes floppy & Loose top screen issues
- Complete kit for one NDSiXL/LL repair
- Requires internal fitting


The Nintendo NDSiXL/LL barrel hinge set from Assecure includes both hinge hinge and metal axis ring required to complete one repair.

This is ideal if your screen movement now has too much play and flops around or if the hinge has been broken or lost.

Compatible with Nintendo NDSiXL/LL consoles only.

Our hinge replacements need to be fitted internally and it therefore requires you to open the console to install, some technical skill and knowledge is required to fit.

Packaged include:
1x barrel hinge set for Nintendo NDSiXL/LL