eXtremeRate Open Shell Tool Torx T8H T6 Repair Screwdrivers for Microsoft Xbox One Install -ZYXOB0024

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1.Take apart your Xbox One controller Xbox 360 controller for clean repair and custom.
2.Take apart other devices which are with T8H T6 screws.
3.The plastic pieces could be used to take off the Xbox One Controller panels.
4.A must-have tool set to open Xbox controller.

1, Screwdrivers are magnetic which is very helpful.
2, Screwdrivers shaft are made of sturdy metal.
3, Longer lengths of the handle for easier use.
4, These are NOT the proper screwdriver for opening a Xbox ONE CONSOLE.

1 X Torx T8H
1 X Torx T6
1 X Open Shell Tool(blue)