Metal Y + Tweezers Sponge Screwdriver Screw Driver Tools for Nintendo Switch - NSPJ0501

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- We customized the screwdriver handle handle does not slip
- Nintendo Switch handle signal is not so good to repair
- Nintendo Switch was released shortly after the release of the host with the two handles there is a joy con signal will be in the hands or other things when the occlusion of the occasional signal disconnection situation, because the problem did not happen So popular, but still have the player has a related problem exists, as early as before there are foreign players found and solved the problem: add an antenna.
- But compared to the trouble of installing the antenna, the recent official seems to give a better way: stick a piece of "bubble".
- Sean Hollister will Joy-Con contact Nintendo customer service after repair, he took back the repair of the original handle, and then found a modified Joy-Con more than a conductive foam, then the handle is running well.
Package include:
Cross Metal screwdriver *1
Y Metal screwdriver *1
Tweezers *1
5cm conductive sponge * 1
Note: This method can not guarantee 100% success, to see luck and hands-on ability, disassemble the risk, can not repair the Nintendo can be sold after the solution, the restaurant does not assume any responsibility.