eXtremeRate Metal Red Color Buttons Custom Kits R1 L1 R2 L2 Triggers for PS4 Controller - P4J0903

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After played Battlefield 4 and Killzone: Shadow Fall here and there, beat Murdered: Soul Suspect & Tomb Raider, and played a couple of the smaller digital games like Resogun and Sportsfriends, does your R1L1R2L2 still working ok?

Installation Guide:
Believe me, you can fix this trigger
Finding a good video on YouTube and actually watching it once without touching the controller at all, then going back to follow along once you've seen it. It's basically taking the shell apart, unhooking a cable, replacing the trigger, and putting the cable and shell back together afterward. The shell will make some uncomfortable snapping noises but if you take your time and kind of wiggle it around it will come free pretty easily. Also be careful of the tiny springs because they can jump out and be lost easily, just try to hang on to it or press it down while you pull the trigger out to keep it in place.

Product Feature:
Metal materials.
Personalize your PS4 controller.
Fits flush for PS4 controller.
Made of Metal materials. Touch feels good.

Package Includes:
1*R1L1 buttons
1*R2L2 buttons