KEM-450EAA KES-450EAA Original Laser Lens For Sony PS3 Slim CECH-3001B 320GB - GP3F0041

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For sale is for one Sony PS3 laser lens module KES-450EAA/KEM-450EAA

There are different laser lens modules available the PS3 slim consoles.
But only the correct one will work for you.
You need to make sure that you purchase the correct laser for your specific console.
The surest way is to open up the console. If your original laser is a KES-450EAA or KEM-450EAA, then this is the correct replacement item for you.

Supports the following PS3 Slim consoles with a 450EAA laser inside:

CECH-3000A, CECH-3001A, CECH-3002A, CECH-3003A, CECH-3004A,
CECH-3005A, CECH-3006A, CECH-3007A, CECH-3008A, CECH-3011A .. CECH-3xxxx

Packaged include:
1x KEM-450EAA KES-450EAA Original Laser Lens for Sony PS3 Slim