eXtremeRate 8 Green Silicone Rubber Precision Platform Raised Analog Sticks Thumb Grips for PS4 Slim PS4 Pro Thumbsticks-ZXBJ1236

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Do You want more control from your controller?
Would you like to use max sensitivity settings and have better accuracy?
Have You worn out your controllers thumb grips?
Have you tried other grips that fall off or wear out?
Didn't know thumb grip covers were a thing?
Many gamers don't realize their stock thumbstick grips are causing them problems.
Others do realize but didn't know that there's now a solution!
Gamers that try our grips say they'll never go back!
We use a custom silicone that is PERFECT for thumb grips
Each package includes 8 Pcs grips
Including 4 Pcs Concave, with 4 texture points maximizes surface contact
Taller profile for precision control on maximum sensitivity settings, whether sniping or driving or anything requiring fine controls
Increased comfort and grip revolutionizes play on PS4 consoles
Save money, use this product instead of buying new wireless controllers
Special blend of premium silicone provides durability
Compatible with PS4 PS3 XBOX 360 controller
Package included: 8 PCS thumb grips(as picture showns)