Glow in the Dark Decal Sets for Xbox One Console Kinect - JXTM0065

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COMPATIBLE WITH: Precise cutting. Only fits the Xbox One. Don’t fit for Xbox One S . Check your model before purchase.  

GLOW IN THE DARK: Give your devices its own unique personality with a fluorescent decal. It will be glow in the dark, which makes your devices shiny at night. These skins will glow in the dark after being exposed to the sun or light for 20-30 minutes.

COME WITH: It included 1 console sticker. Protects your console from dust and scratch.

WITHOUT RESIDUES LEFT: The whole set skin sticker flexible and adhesive, it can be stick on the surface compactly. Simply peel off the sticker. No messy glue to deal with.


1>Wipe down any dust ,grease or other contaminates of your console & controller with the rag and rubbing alcohol.
2> Peel the paper one by one,NOT to let the adhesive side touch anything.
3> Starting from one corner, take a card or something with a thin, flat surface to smooth it on.
4>If installed slowly and carefully, there should be NO air bubbles left under the skin.
TIPS: For the best result, apply hot air(using a hair dryer) to the decal surface to activate chemical agent for better stickiness.

Package includes:
1 × console sticker
1 set cleanning rag  and rubbing alcohol
(Note: console is not included)