Glass Screen Lens For Nintendo Gameboy Game Boy Advance GBA Pocket GBP Color GBC- GBSRP0028 GBSRP0030

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LOT Glass Screen Lens For Nintendo Game Boy GB / Game Boy Advance GBA / Game Boy Pocket GBP / Game Boy Color GBC Handheld Console
- Brand New, High Quality?
- Replacement screen lens for Game Boy series screen lens
- Replace your damaged or defective original screen lens
- Makes your screen lens look new all the time
- Work exactly like the original screen lens
- Material: Glass
- Model: Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Pocket?
- Quantity: 1/5/10/20pcs (Optional)?
Installation Guide:
- You need to (carefully) prise off the original screen, using a thin flat tool
- Clean out any dust
- And Peel off the thin protective layer that covers it
Package Included:
1/5/10/20pcs x Glass Screen Lens?(The Game Console is not included)