Full Vinyl Blue Ice Fire Sticker For Playstation 4 PS4 - DPTM0498

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Installation Instruction:
Take out For PS4 skin sticker out from the packing and confirm the skin sticker without defect.
Clear your device with soft cloth and ensure no dust on the surface of the console.
Before peeling them from the sheet, make sure to have an idea of where each piece goes in order to avoid misplacing.
Peel off the skin from the paper sheet and stick it on your device carefully.

The controller may a little harder to stick because the flat stickers are supposed to cover a curved surface, so we recommend a good pair of pair of tweezers and patience.
Use a straight edge to push out any creases or air bubbles.
If there are bubbles, heat from a hair dryer will assist their removal.

Package included:
1 x PS4 Console skin
2 x PS4 controller skins
(Console and Controller are not included.)