Full Faceplate Cover Lightbar Decal Sticker for PS4 Pro Skin Console Controller - YSP4P0188

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Only fit for PS4 Pro.
Not fit for PS4 Slim .
Not fit for Standard PS4 .
Check your model before purchase.

1.Made of high quality adhesive vinyl stickers .
2.Personalized Chameleon decals decorate and beautify your console & controller .
3.When you look at the faceplate from different perspectives , it will looks cool.
4.Precise cutting to fit the devices well.
5.These skin sticker sets protect your devices from dust and scratch and no peeling off after a long time used.

The whole set skin sticker flexible and adhesive, it can be stick on the surface compactly. Simply peel off the sticker. No messy glue to deal with.

Wipe down your devices with the rag and a little rubbing alcohol before you apply stickers. Also take a card or something with a thin, flat surface to smooth it on. If installed slowly and carefully, there should be NO air bubbles left under the skin.

Package includes:
2 ¡Á controller stickers
1 ¡Á console sticker
2 ¡Á lightbar decals
(Note: console and controller are not included)