For Gameboy Advance Custom LCD Backlight 32Pin GBA SP AGS-101 Backlit Screen + Tool-GBARP0030GC

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Gameboy Advance Backlight Kit (32 Pin Version) GBA SP AGS-101 Backlit LCD Screen, GBA Glass Screen Lens, Cross Philips Screwdriver, Tri-wing Screwdriver,? Replacement Screws, Conductive Button Pad, Screen Protector Film
- Condition: Brand New, High Quality (All Items Will Be Tested Before Shipment)
- GBA SP?AGS-101 Backlit LCD Screen?For replacement GBA LCD screen,?AGS-101 Backlit LCD Screen make your Gameboy Advance more interesting
- The 32 Pin ribbon flex cable is used to custom a regular Game Boy Advance with a Game Boy Advance AGS 101 screen.
- Great Replacement for your broken, damaged or bleeding device.
- Professional skills are needed?
- Include: Functional AGS 101 Screen, 32 Pin Ribbon Flex Cable Backlight Adapter, GBA Glass Screen Lens, Screen Protector Film, Cross?Philips Screwdriver, Tri-Wing Screwdriver, Screws
AGS-101 Backlit LCD Screen:?
- Brand New and High Quality..
- Replacement?AGS 101 LCD for the Nintendo Gameboy GBA SP /GBA?(Need A Flex Cable Backlight Adapter)
- Great Replacement for your broken, damaged or bleeding screen.
- Condition: Brand New
- Brand: Nintendo
- Device Type:?AGS 101 LCD

- Compatible with:
? FOR Nintendo Gameboy GBA SP model Or For Gameboy Advance GBA LCD Screen Replacement?
- Original disassemble No dead pixels?
Backlight customize Screen Ribbon Flex Cable:
- Model: 32 Pin
- Compatible For:
? Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA) ; Standard
? (*NOT for Game Boy Advance SP (GBA-SP)

- Note: Please Make Sure of Your Version Before Payment, This Listing Is Supply 32 Pin Version.
We Also Provide 40 Pin Version, if You Are In Demand Of 40 Pin Version, Please Leave Us Massage.
Package Include:?
1pcs x??AGS-101 Backlit LCD Screen;
1pcs x 32 Pin Ribbon Flex Cable;
1pcs x??GBA Glass Screen Lens;
1pcs x Cross Philips Screwdriver;
1pcs x Triwing Screwdriver;?
3pcs x Screen Protector Film;
3pcs x Button Conductive Rubber Pad;
10pcs x Screws.?