eXtremeRate Custom Silver Design Electroplating Decal Skin Stickers for PS4 Console & Controller - GYTM0251

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Eye-catching. The color is sharp.
Give a richer look to your PS4.
The adhesive is pretty solid and the finish on the sticker face is excellent.
It can be stick on the surface compactly. No messy glue to deal with.
Digitally designed and cut for a guaranteed fit. All buttons and slots for PS4 console controller are precise cut to be accessible without removing the protection skin sticker.
These skin sticker sets protect your devices from dust and scratch.
Installation Guide:
Be gentle when applying and get someone to help you.
Make sure the surface is clean and dry it before you apply.( Use a microfiber cloth and 99% isopropyl alcohol)
Try to limit how much you touch the adhesive when applying
Simply peel off the sticker and apply to the PS4.
For the best result, apply hot air to the decal surface to activate chemical agent for better stickiness. Using a hair dryer is fine.
Package Included:
2X PS4 Controller Skins
1X PS4 Console Skin