Cooling Cooler Fan 2 USB Exhauster Intercooler for Xbox One Console Controller - GX00112

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For Xbox One Cooling Fan, 3 Cooler, with 2 Ports USB Hub for Gaming Xbox One Console Controller, BLACK

Specially Designed for Xbox One Console. No worrying about your overheating Xbox One console and burning your table after long hours of game playing.
Powered by the console, no AC adaptor needed.
Designed fashion and made of durable ABS material.
Two USB ports makes it work as a hub. With powerful output, you can use it to charge other devices and read your 2.5 inches hard drive.
Easy clip-on installation, Elegant design matches the decor and lines of the console.

How to Use:
1.Take off the anti-dust cover on the console,
2.Plug the micro USB interface of the fan into the console.
3.Turn the switch to “OFF”, the fan will turn off.
4.Turn the switch to “L”, the fan will work in low wind speed.
5.Turn the switch to “H”, the fan will work in high wind speed.
6.Two micro USB interfaces of the fan can be used to charge for XBOX one controller and plug USB disk to transfer data.
7.Hold the fan with your thumb, middle finger and index finger on the USB side. Slightly pull it out upward and slantways.

Color: Black
Material: Durable ABS
Working voltage: DC5V
working current: 500-600MA
Speed of the fan: Two speed is 6010 3700PRM, one speed is 4010 4100PRM.
Exhaust capacity of air: 13.74CFM
Fan rotation direction: Anticlockwise direction rotating

Package includes
1 *  Cooling Fan For Xbox One