Chrome Replacement Thumbsticks Analog Joysticks for PS4 Slim Pro Mix-color 8 Pcs -P4AJ0001GC

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Durable and sturdy.
Custom chrome metal ¨Clike analog joysticks, personalize your DualShock4 controller.
There are 4 colors (gold/silver/blue/red), that could meet a variety of needs. And the kit contained 8 caps, which save you from buying a new controller.
Strong compatibility: perfect fit for DualShock4 /PS4 Slim / PS4 Pro Controller.
Package Included:
8 pcs Playstation 4 thumb sticks
(Note: Controller is not included.)
Installation guide:
Opening the controller can be a bit tricky, but there are plenty of YouTube videos that will walk you through this process, and once you've done it once it's a breeze.
When replacing them, you'll need a special cross screw driver, you can buy tool kits from my store if you haven¡¯t.?