Black Joystick Wear-resistant Stickers Skin Protection Kit, Replacement Thumbsticks Screwdriver Tool Set for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller - JYP4O0012GC

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Is your controller joystick often worn?
Do you replace your controller joystick frequently?
If you keep "Yes" in your mind, you should give eXtremeRate wear-resistant stickers kit, A nice choice for your controller.
It totally will improve the flexibility and the service life of the joystick, gives you the ultimate experience when you play.

Product Features:
Designed for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.
A good replacement for your old or worn controller thumbsticks back to a new condition.
The joystick sticker prevents you from replacing the joystick frequently and protects the edge of thumbstick from wearing during the gaming.
High-quality wear-resistant stickers includes 24 pcs stickers for one edition, and each one can be used for more than 3 months.
Replacing the thumbsticks requires you to open the controller with screwdriver tool.

Installation Guide:
1, Get installation video guide by searching ¡°Extremerate Wear-resistant Stickers¡± on Youtube.
2, Open the alcohol cloth to remove the dust and oil from joystick. Using "1" of Wet cloth (alcohol) firstly, and then wipe it with "2" of dustless dry cloth.
3, Paste the stickers.
4, Open the sabs to press the tail.
5, If it wrinkles when you install, you had better give it away and get a new one to start over.

Package Includes:
1 x Wear-resistant stickers
1 x Alcohol bag
1 x Cotton swabs
1 x Philips screwdriver
2 x Thumbsticks
Note: The Nintendo Switch Pro controller and other parts are not included!