eXtremeRate 2 Pairs Green L2 R2 Extended Trigger for PS4 Controller-GC00121G

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You find your fingers occasionally slipping off the PS4 triggers
This is perfect for pro and amateur gamers as well as casual players looking to get the edge over the competition.
Compatibility Model:
See the second picture of the listing before purchase.
Check the motherboard on the controller by unscrewing it open. It is only for the controllers with JDM-030 printed in the motherboard of the controller.
Installation Guide:
Get installation video guide on Youtube by searching Extremerate External Trigger JDM-030
Product Feature:
These trigger extenders will increase speed and improves accuracy.
These are so much more comfortable.They are snug and work well.
Easy click on and never come off
Package included:
 L2 external extender trigger buttons
 R2 external extender trigger buttons