PSP 300xc Front Case Replacement

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Make you PSP 3000c like new again by replacing your beat up front case with a shiny new one!


Step 1 Battery

Image 1/2: Lift the battery out of the PSP.

Press the button securing the battery door to the PSP 300xc, and lift the battery door off.
Lift the battery out of the PSP.


Step 2 Front Case

Image 1/1:

Use a spudger or your fingernail to remove the warranty sticker stuck to the inside of the battery tray


Step 3

Image 1/2:

Remove four Phillips screws from the back of the PSP.


Step 4

Image 1/1:

Remove two Phillips screws from the top of the PSP.


Step 5

Image 1/1:

Remove a single screw from the bottom edge of the PSP.


Step 6

Image 1/2:

Insert a spudger between the front case and PSP, and slide the spudger along the perimeter of the front case to remove it.


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