ps3 controller buttons Replacement

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Change all the buttons including joy sticks for a PlayStation 3 controller.


Step 1 Controller
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Dual Shock 3 Play Station Controller.


Step 2 Unscrewing

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First you will take a little philips screw driver and remove the 5 screws from the back cover.


Step 3 Checking

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Make sure you have all your tools and pieces.


Step 4 Detaching

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Then you will lift the battery to unscrew the motherboard from the front cover, by squeezing the prongs inward (circled in red) and pulling up.


Step 5 Mother Board Detach

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Now that the battery is off you can remove the screw holding the mother board down.


Step 6 Unclip

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Next you will unclip these prongs on the motors (circled in red). Do this for both motors.
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Step 7 Separate

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Then you just lift the motherboard and control panel. It will come off giving you access to the front buttons.


Step 8 Joy Stick

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Next your joy sticks just pop off and the new ones pop back on.


Step 9 Buttons

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Then lifting these pads will give you access to the four front buttons (circled in yellow), and D-pad (circled in red).


Step 10 Add New Ones

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The D-pad and buttons just slide right in place of the old ones.


Step 11 Re-Attach

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Then you clip that control panel and motherboard back in the same way it came out.


Step 12 Screw Back In Mother Board

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Don`t forget to insert the screw (circled in red) holding the motherboard to the control panel.


Step 13 Insert Trigger Buttons

Your trigger buttons slide out, and the new ones slide in. The bottom L2 and R2 buttons have a little bar that clicks in, and out of he holder as well (circled in yellow).


Step 14 Re-Attach Battery

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Clip your battery back on.


Step 15 Finished

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Clip the back of the case back on and screw the 5 screws back in and you're done.


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