Nintendo Wii U Console Outer Case Replacement


Use this guide to remove the outer case of the Nintendo Wii U and gain access to the DVD drive.

Step 1 Console Outer Case
Image 1/1: Three 5.1mm Phillips #000 screws
With the bottom of the console facing up, remove the following 6 screws hidden underneath the white square stickers:
Three 5.1mm Phillips #000 screws
Two 6.1mm Tri-wing Y0 screws
One 13.2mm Tri-wing Y1 screw

Step 2
Image 1/1: Remove the two 7.1mm Phillips #00 screws.
Rotate the console 180 degrees so that the exhaust vents are facing you.
Remove the two 7.1mm Phillips #00 screws.

Step 3

Image 1/2:

On the side opposite of the exhaust vents, slide the cover faceplate towards the back of the console and pull upwards to release it.

Step 4
Image 1/1:
On the bottom of the console beneath the previously removed faceplate, remove the three 13.2mm Tri-wing Y1 screws.

Step 5

Image 1/3:

On the back of the console, lift up and release the main top cover.

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