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How To Install the PS4 Controller DTF LED Kit

PS4 LED Light Installation instructions:

1.Please check if the batteries have electricity and the controller in good condition firstly.                      

2.  Following the steps in the below pictures to take apart your ps4 controller and install the LED light panel.


Step  One

(1) Disassemble your PS4 controller,replace to transparent ABXY buttons, Dpad and thumbsticks firstly.

Step Two

(2)  Tear off the sticker on the back of the LED light panel and stick to the position shown in the picture.

Step three

(3)  Make sure the buttons ,joysticks and LED light panel are installed properly and then put on the faceplate.



Step  Four

(4)Place the front shell and the back shell in precise location as the picture shown.

Step  Five

(5)  Tear off the sponge glue back sticker of the control board and expose the orange touch tin foil.


Step Six

(6)Install the control board to the precise position of the back shell as the picture shows.


Step Seven

(7) Connect the battery to the control board;connect the plug of the control board to the mainboard and then install the led wiring of the ps4 ,close the faceplate and back shell after the battery is ready.

Step Eight

(8)  Use the tweezer to stretch out the battery wire of the control board to open space ,closing the shells tightly to complete the installation.




3.  The correct installation location of the touch pad and motherboard should be on the back shell of the remote ,as it mentioned on the picture, no other positions.



4.  The LED light panel has highly sensitivity of touch, keep pressing the touch pad to check if the light can be on, and then, turn it off also through long-press after you make sure everything is all right. Before closing the controller, be sure the light of LED is off. If no, circuit protection and function will be out of order. Removing the battery firstly and then, insert the LED motherboard ,and follow the steps to reinstall the controller.



Functional Specification:

Make the D-Pad and Analog Thumbstick to give out light for PS4 Controller.

Compatible for:PS4 controller/PS4 Slim Controller/PS4 Pro Controller

Compatible Model:JDM-010,JDM-020,JDM-030,JDM-040,JDM-050

There are Seven modes and Five colors to switch:

Red,  Deep Blue, Green, Purple and Blue

It has Quick flashing and Slow flashing.

Without using the controller , 1000 MA battery of the LED light panel ,can last for about 10 hours.

Keep pressing for 4 seconds and the light is on.

Long-press 0.5 seconds to change color ,each press can switch one mode.

When the light is on, pressing for 4 seconds and it will Shut off.



1.  Q: Are there any fit models ?

A: It can be compatible with all the versions of PS4 :



2.  Q:Why the battery slot of LED light panel is too large for my battery to insert?

A: The ps4 battery plug has Two versions:

4mm for New version and 5mm for Old version.

5mm of old version plug can fit well. If your plug is the new version of 4mm ,the LED battery slot needs to be bent a little bit, and it can also fit properly , without compromising its functionality.


3.  Q: LED light panel will consume electricity, how long it can be used?

A:Normally the ps4 can be in power for 5 hours.

The electricity consumption of the LED panel is much lower than you use the controller. If you use them both at the same time, the battery can last for more than 2 hours.Without using the controller , 1000 MA battery of the LED light panel ,can last for about 10 hours.  


4.  Q:Why the function of the LED light panel cannot be used after I install it ?

A: Please check if the batteries have electricity and the front and back shell of controller in good condition firstly before installation. The touch pad needs to install in the precise position. Keep pressing the touch pad for 4 seconds and the light is on and then turn it off also through long-press. Make sure you install it while the LED light is off. If the steps are wrong, be sure to remove the batteries and insert it again to the LED motherboard slot, and then, follow the steps to reinstall it. If it still fails, check if the wiring location break or not, if so, please ask our customer service for help in time.


5. Q: After installing the LED light panel, will it affect the normal operation of controller?

A:No, LED light panel and the motherboard are different parts, will not affect each other. Make sure the batteries in the presence of electricity while you test the controller.


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